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Related article: Date: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 January 49th 56 -0400 ( EDT ) From: jacobmillertex aol. com Subject: Under the Mask : Chapter 8 { Under the Mask is pure fiction. I have 21 years at time of writing this story. Any resemblance to other events, names and events of life is inferred. If you are under age, (according to the laws of minor importance as in your country), if this literature is offensive to you or anyone in your display area, or is illegal for you to display this content, which was read , then quit in history. This story may not be reproduced or distributed in any manner or form without my express permission. Like I want to thank the volunteer editor of your time, do not require that to thank you for your work. On behalf of the readers and I say thanks anyway ! } Posted by JPG Chapter 8 RECAP SO FAR: in Chapter 7 of the chronology of events can be a bit confusing. I n wrote the story, I jumped at the perspective view. a time a characterter does one thing and then the next time we meet with the character, you'll do something else. I Bottomless Models will take this time I hope to clarify the timeline for you and me. As we all know, in Chapter 6, as I ended up stabbed Alex and Charles running after the person who did the stabbing. I took over this Bottomless Models Chapter 7 we learned who he was, made the jump and how bad it was. almost everything that the dismissal of Henderson is clear from all the guards that thinks he is to stop the removal of some of them. Officer Jackson made ​​a According to Carlos, his stay in the building " A". In this business is to keep way to see his girlfriend, not only to lead to sex. Also, there will be put in the building " B". Carlos Bottomless Models all we do is to keep Alex in line and narrow. They are very concerned that, due to the acre, could Alex his retirement in gang life full time. Become a Matt and his friends Alex Charles of time in the medical service. No best friends I willsay there are more than friends. They were connected, leaning against each other for support. Carlos finds out why Alex seems to like Matt so much. It seems you have no idea, Carlos is there because the love between the n the two. Now here is where the timeline Bottomless Models gets a little confusing, I think. For a moment Alex is stabbed in the medical service would. He is being put into to get his first operation. This is his first operation performed by the staff doctors who will work to stop at home. Now we know, Alex is awake and trying to persuade everyone around him. Hear people talking s. He also feels that way of doing things like needles is to touch it, or simply look in your eyes only. But the staff is not knows. He is not fully conscious. This is for two days. On Tuesday, a nurse tried to start in a needle of a new IV line that can not seem to find the vein. She asks for help but was told to keep trying. Well, they missed the vein together, and the end result Bottomless Models is Alex systemclosed in order to do that. that collapsed, taking his second surgery. Of course, Alex's mother reported the incident to her son. is precipitated at the bottom of your child next. Remember, in Chapter 6, Jacob 's mother hires Alex. He began the day that the stabbing was instead. This is how Bottomless Models Jacob came to the scene. Jacob and fall of Ms. Garcia and whatever it takes. Meanwhile, Dr. Whitmore Jacob called his doctor to meet him at the detention system n. When they arrived, they were told, basically, to get lost. We know all Jacob and not ` lost ' to get to anything, so I met with the of Mr. Henderson and finds its way. Dr. Whitmore takes over on Tuesday afternoon and puts his own employees to care Alex and treatment. On Wednesday, Dr. Whitmore brings Dr. Mitchell to talk to him. Remember Bottomless Models in " Jacob's Way ", returned to the outputs , Dr. Mitchell has bullet wounds and injuries of the spinal Jacob. Dr. Whitmore is an expert on cancer, but regular white,lar medicine as good, and that is why Dr. Mitchell was hired Bottomless Models On Wednesday, Bottomless Models the third and final operation of Alex at the moment. When Bottomless Models Alex recovered the last operation, still thinking about his past. We all do if there is nothing else to do. So that's why we see Alex back to beyond the s when I was in fifth Bottomless Models grade. He dreamed the whole thing. Now, I will not reveal too much. As we begin this chapter, we will to be back when Alex thinks he had a dream and went to another. You still might ask, where Alex is at this time. Until the day I , Friday is. But where, you should read to find out out. Here we go everyone! ( Mathews term ) I finally fell asleep after I saw Alex in his bed, I think. No knows when he wanted to sleep but could not last long, as I have been I woke up again. I hear Bottomless Models screams, followed by groan, mourn, and then return. At this point, I know it is a dream. I look at Alex 's bedeven again. This is where the cries came from. I see someone in bed turning in bed. At first I thought the guards brought someone new in my space n. DC jump out of bed. I want to see if anyone new sleep in bed with Alex. If this is the case, which means not Alex. I I do not know what to do if Alex did not. I went to bed Alex to see who was around. the beginning, my I can not see it so dark in the room. I have to admit, my eyes a chance to get used to the amount of light in the room. I decide to go further. At this point, I n at the top of the person lying me. That is when I see the face. In fact, I go weak in the knees and the floor fell down. All I can do is look at the installation of Alex in bed. Be tried for the last week I've been using Alex and could not be. Now he is here with me again. Why not wake me Alex, when he entered his room? He should know by now I would do anything forit. I'm on your side all night long stay to do sure it is safe. But Alex and Alex thinks of me first before himself. I'm sitting there, watching Alex faces and cries in his sleep n and complained then. This continues for an hour before he down. All you have bad dreams about him is, as that. I read somewhere that it is good to have someone who wakes from a nightmare, or if that the sleepwalking. They hurt more than help. All you can that is caring for them and ensure that no harm is done. Just when I start to doze back Alex begins to mourn ! I jump up and start to rub my hand over his face. I try to reassure him that there are people, for the care of it. There are people waiting for him to be okay. All I want to do at the time of waking and let you know that I am here and you can lean on me for anything. But I know that will help you more pain him like, so all I can do is sit here, make sure it is safe until you wake up above. (Point of View of Alexander Still Dreaming) I want out of this nightmare, the nightmare that is actually my s the past. Who would have thought that a person of their appeal beyond the idea of ​​ is a nightmare ? I never thought in my life. I'm still trying to free himself and tried to defend himself, but there is no use , seems to struggle. All I can do right now is covering up and attempting to run to protect what you can. If my father wants me dead, will not be long now, and to achieve that desire. When I try to protect my face is all I can do to scream in pain at a time again. I close my eyes and held the tears began to form. I start screaming in pain, and somehow I got up. When I open my eyes, all that is dark. Then I felt someone grab my shoulder. There is a penetrating voice to the empty darkness, where I am! I think I have a dream, left and in a different way. The voice tried to reassure me. "Okay Alex, I 'm here. Okay Alex, please, look at me. Open the eYes, I do not dream anymore. I'm here, Alex 's eyes "I think listening over and over again. Slowly I open my eyes and look around. From what I can do is as I'm back focus in my room in jail. as n begin my eyes, I look around to see what really grabbed my shoulders. let the air I'm on hold again as I can I see is Matt says. one time I can see, Matt, I let go all my defenses. to fall into Matt 's arms, crying, as a small child. did not call, there were four or five. in at least that's the last time I remember being allowed by my screams can be father. you see, when old enough to talk to my father each have of us said that could not mourn. If we did that showing weakness. This shows that they were men, , but girls. in short, my father would have disowned us if we had all type of weakness. as these memories went through my head, I have no control over me. I've heard in scream, grabbed me and looked at Matt. was confused by myBehaviors. He really looks confused and hurt at the same time. " Matt, there's nothing you have done. I was, that a man don supposed to mourn. I can not mourn and show weakness. If I do, I'm sure dead. " " understand their training Alex, but it's just you and me here now. I never will do anything for you. you have to trust themselves to me I'm here to protect \\ \\ n help in any way we can. " (point of view of Alexander) I look at Matt, feeling very bad about myself to Bottomless Models mourn. I know Matt is not the way of doing things to people around him tried to use against them. I really need to be more like Matt, but every time I try, that little voice I say it's not what Bottomless Models I was taught to do so. I leaned back to rest on my bed. My back starts to hurt when the needle is the wound. Matt moves out of bed when you see I'm in pain. He actually has looks a bit scary. Poor guy, I do not know whether to go or come most of the time. " Alex I can ask you a question ? If you are from STIsll in pain, so we have Free medical service of this term? It was not until a week From your piercing, and Bottomless Models here they are. Do not need to be near the doctors ? " I look up and see Matt, who is very concerned. There is no way I out of this without telling the truth. I must be honest now with Matt, if this relationship will survive. " Well, if it were not for Jacob, I will not be here. Jacob is a guy I did live in hell for almost two years. Now seems to be my guardian angel ! always comes when things get tough. I really do not know how I could watch 'll pay. I had stayed in my memory, to Jacob, his doctors gave in saw what was wrong and did the surgery on Wednesday. I woke up Wednesday the night, like I slept straight through a few days. When I woke up was a big pain in my back. This morning I could not stand there. I was angry and throw things around. The longer I stay in bed, tis difficult for me to be better. So the doctor agreed that I come here. I promised to once a day to get through the nursing staff to see Dr. Whitmore. " " Wow, this is something that Alex. So you 're looking at the pain, but rather stay here, instead of by the doctor in the wings ? " " Why is the decision I made is simple. Indeed, the longer I stayed in the the medical wing, the more it makes me look weak. The more I look weak, , there are more opportunities for members of my gang to try to push it out of me. No, I can not take the risk. The only thing I have to do is to live here, never show weakness, not o matter what happens. My father went so far as to teach me that, due to the will never forget his teachings. " Matt looks at me when you get up to go back to bed. He does not say word for several minutes. I guess what I just said is difficult for him to reach his the head about. If not, from what I've seen live, you will not understand ever. " so Alex, his father believes there is no mAtter how bad he feels can not be displayed ? Forgive me if I'm talking out of line here, but this is shit. I swear often, but this deserves my curse. You can not go through life thinking that way. His father 's teachings are false and do you know where you are today. If not stop them from living, you never leave this life, "said Matt a little more critical. I thought wrong, Bottomless Models and I blurted out, " What the hell do you know Matt to go? one day in my shoes. In fact, an hour to walk in my shoes. This is the So you can only see where I come from. She grew up, not in my house. No through what I went to go as a child. What Bottomless Models I know about you, I think I had it easy. In fact, you have n is never mentioned why you're here. If not for the mistake that you made a in your life I would live a good life there. Growing up in my house. Fuck my home. Let me even easier. Try to grow in my neighborhood. Look where you woulwere d instead of the mistake you made. Trust me, it would be the sweet Matt is today. " I stood by my bed with the sharp pain up and down the back, but I not give a damn. Matt never told me how he does what is right now even asked me and what I have taught. Do not know, I I know it's wrong i know that is the teachings of my father, who would get me where I today. But I need some white bread boy has had all gave him, and he said he screwed up. I can make my way to the door. I have to leave the room. If I do not out now I will tell you what I think and if I do, I'll never be able to take it back. " Before you judge, Matt begins to understand what I have gone through all. See the had no choice but to accept. What Bottomless Models got into the throat, such as up? The beatings, broken arms, legs, nose, face and bones. all n and more than I just did for my father! This was to teach his style me how to be a ma. No, do not you dare judge me take over. What I do in my life is the election. It is the only way to get out and see the light the world. Believe me, it struck me how like, you can get out of here, to see that light of the world in a pine box. " I opened the door behind me. There is no way to s not listen sit and talk someone out of place as well. If Matt, I have criticized his face on the wall of disrespectful I like. I have no idea where to go, but this pain is killing me. in some way, I my way to the living room without it. in a watch that is strange that there are no guards walk down the aisle. I might be able to use my advantage one day. as soon as my head on the arm of the sofa was out again. This time I no sleep. there was nothing good or bad, just a good night sleep to the the morning. When I awoke, I found a guard standing next to me. ", Mr. Garcia, what are you doing here, instead ofs room? " " Well, sir, uh, who was wounded last night. He was always up and down my bed n. I do not wake my roommate. So I decided to go for Bottomless Models a walk. I I was walking here, so I decided to sit a while. I have that are asleep. " " Yeah, whatever. Just to get to your room. If I find you here instead of in your room, you're walking toward the hole. Trust me you will not be in comfort. " I nodded as I walked back to my room. On the way back was not a the person awake. This surprised me, but I do not know what time it is now. So you must not surprising at all. When I enter the room, I met Matt wakes up in his desk. s looks Bottomless Models like this as never went to sleep after my departure. I not in the mood s where we left off. so I ignored Matt contributed directly to bed. only as in the common room, the minute I touched his head, the pillow, I was. the next face I saw was Carlos ' I know it's not a dream, just desire. no is the m uglyug of trying to shake me awake. Finally give up to get more sleep and get up easily. I'm Bottomless Models always still trying to Carlos wake up completely. " Man, I never thought I'd see his ugly mug when I returned. As the world are you so happy ? I hear what you have done, and usually, that deserves to build person a free ride on the block and then " B". " " Oh, tell me you do not want me ? I can go and ask them to was blocking when they wish " He replied in a smart ass tone. Charles jokingly patted my arm. I'm starting to laugh by appropriation him. Just as I reached out a hand, a sharp pain shot through my body. Cause that I sit on my back again grabbing at the same time. " Hey man, I did something that hurt? You know, I do not want to do something that is not in pain, man," said Charles with deep concern. " No, not Carlos. I should point out that my back is now joined by staples. Trust me, you do not get movin much Bottomless Models moreRoom G, and once a staple of pop, is out of the window in pain, "I said that left him off the hook. " Well, no doubt, have more injuries than I ever will. I've never envy, grow, and I still do not, " said Carlos with a feeling Matt 's deep understanding I could share. " I need your help Carlos. I am still very weak right now. After only to the medical wing, before he went mad, and I can not afford to get to about the rumors that I'm out of combat. I'm just hanging even now, as it is. " " Call Alex, you know, I'll do anything for you. " Charles I explained how I felt at that time. Explained that I need to to go to my page at any time if I start to fall again. If you think I'm about to fall, I need to keep me upright. Carlos agreed, without even thinking about it, my request for help. put before they wanted to get to breakfast. we reached be one of the last on the line. After our meal, weour way to the table. in all the way, everything was limited to us. Every time I see a of them, glanced quickly at her food. Like any person, that want to see what is happening. There is nothing wrong with that. Bottomless Models If we come to the table moves, the boys of the outboard seats to the cafeteria. When hanging, made it clear that these are our seats Carlos when we are always near. They are the only places that our protection later. You know the wall? Matt has not only a word to me, that I did not have to. If I'm him about this, there is a price I'm willing to pay. I can not blame or to the table. However, I let my guard down and talk to them, sitting in the wrong seats, and not paying attention and I paid dearly for the lack of s of care. Carlos and I did not want the kids to come play basketball. You really can not afford to do right now anyway. We take the time to discuss what needs to be actions around Bobby. What he has done can not bego unpunished. " Alex, no question or discussion on what to die for Bobby s he has done for you. We have tried to give the conclusion, and that's the end of it. If \\ \\ n is another person involved will have to tell him before killing him, "said Carlos indication of the well known policy of the band. " Charles, where is he now? There is no way he is still here. " " No, he was charged with one count of attempted murder and sent secure the County. the only way, to touch, n out at the time you get to. need to be separated from his father. " " This will be a problem mate. When I was in the medical wing, Henderson came to talk to me. told me that my father took over the prison , where it is. now in his own battle there. So I can not to reach him at all at this time. But we can not let Bobby was with it ", I told my options carefully. " Well, if your father is out of service now. Are not you always in controlything here in El Paso? There must be someone, especially in the control all, in every city when the hero is out of service. " " I do not know to be true. I really do not want more responsibility right now. The more I try to control, I'm a character. No thanks to Charles. Now I have to get a kite for the County. What we have deciding what to say about this comet. " We were sitting there deciding what to do with Bobby One thing is certain. Only is easy to kill, I will not give him the satisfaction of the for a name in response to an opportunity. Death I took it. No, I would have the only thing keeping some of it more valuable as our own. This is our s manhood. was decided. Carlos Dragon will show the letter to I send. hotel once received, should be executed. Even if I am in the following command when an attack against a leader in the footwear is ready be the implementation of the "T "followed. At the end of wwere the details, a security guard approached us. first did not say a word, he stayed there. Finally he spoke. " I understand Alex, you are the person responsible in the here and now. If is the case, all orders will be canceled by you, before you use out. Is that true Alex? " " I looked at him and then down at the plate. as soon as I read the name I knew it. this is one of the names given to me by Samuel. that means Mr. Henderson not everyone should have. " Danny Castro, told me they are one of us. I thought we lost almost everyone, if your boss was in the past week din. How did you come by and not the other ? I need to know to set up, because there was about a to get here, "I said with confidence in my voice and body language. " First, you're right. I 'm on your side. My boss can not get enough I left. Yes, he brought me, but all I could do is threaten. I think usually clean my hands, but that is no longer the case. I promise you will change very soon. I have several other guards willing to take the place of ones kicking, "the official Castro. Carlos and I looked at each other. I thought we had finally finished with all this shit. there to respond only to a guard and that Jackson. Now this character is Danny Bottomless Models Castro still want to contribute to my orders. " Look, I know I want to stay here. This is probably the main reason that his bare hands. I have to be sure they are willing to do what to do. I can not afford anything higher rises again to the from his boss. " " Look, I did a job you need. I will do it. Get a job, there is no else have or know. So if you know my boss will can not be trusted. Trust me I know that the long arm of her father. I not want to be on the Bottomless Models receiving end of this arm. I've seen what you can do ", Castro said with conviction. " Did you receive any contact, or a way to make a kite in the COUNTY jail? " " Yes, I know several people working on the side of his gang. I can get what you need there. Just type away and will happen. " Carlos gets up and tells him to meet us in a few hours. Where is a message to be delivered. Everything will be declared, when the kite is delivered to him. with Danny and I left that Charles only. time flies when you're not watching the clock. went to the building just after the guard left for lunch. after lunch and Carlos I decided to go outside instead of inside with the others to stay. ( ROBERT POINT OF VIEW ) I'm building the "B " escorted by several guards. As are used to a place, I took off. I know I am doomed Bottomless Models to under hold on to, but I think they forgot about me. took almost two months , for me to get far. When I went to the desk, gave one of the guardians of the guardians of the my desktop folder. looked through she looked at me,and as often as looked at my paperwork. All I want is to go to stay safe lock. ", Mr. Turner, I see that come to us from the county where you were in n Lockdown. What is not said is why were in a crash. If we have n a problem here with you ? they are part of a gang? not on the list, , but I have to ask for a lock. there is a reason that is there, but I can not force you to tell me. " " uh, sir, uh, I can put on a lock here. I prefer it! " ", Mr. Turner, we have very few cells that used for blocking. at this time many of them are inhabited. the last time I have to keep in case we need to is for disciplinary reasons. If you shoot one of them ? " n looked at the guard at the desk. I could not stop shaking. I can not tell the real reason I was in a crash. If word gets a new all, I am a dead man walking. I better take what ever they send Bottomless Models home me n for now and hope for the best in. When I'm there" No, sir, you did not use any of the remaining cells for me. I am wherever I go. I will not be a problem. I am not in a band. " " sounds good to start with me, we will send in the building" B ". is usually not available in all new inmates to take on a Saturday, but we had to do a exception from this week. we were behind because to problems outside of our fallen of control. " the guard told me, gave me some brochures and the rules of the rules in them. He told me how things work. Do you have questions you can ask everyone else there. You will not have trouble explaining what you can be understood. Once the guard has explained everything to me, took me to the room where appropriate. I could not believe it was not sleeping. I was told that it was bedrooms n'll, not the creation of two in a room that is. As we walked, I saw my roommate for the first time. It seemed that is part of a gang. No more so the band that haunted me in a prison in County. I was hoping to have left thback in the county. It does not seem to it. Before we go any further let me tell you why I'm here and what I am. I s the name is Robert Turner and I have 15 years, turning sixteen. I 'm started a family. My mother and father were separated and I was only there s son. You were fighting over me, like no tomorrow. I started to find out were with me to return to each other. So I decided I can play the the same game. I rebelled against my parents. In return, broke the law several times. I know there are hundreds of children with the same story and not to violate the law, as I did. that was arrested for the sixth time last time. Every time I went to slightly worse than last time. The judge did warn me if I think front of him once again going to repent, but every time I was on probation with more hours of community work to do. I really thought that's what the judge wanted to do this time. I n appeared in court on this occasion there was a differenceErent judges. No to be happy after the prosecutor told him all about my Bottomless Models past. I can But the words I said. is "Mr. Turner, this court many opportunities to put his life together. Bottomless Models Each time you return to this court is to propose a to the Court of the face. I am far as the judge in this place front of me. A chance is all that is not given, six years. I can hear no matter what their parents or what they do. had a \\ \\ n go to the elections, these homes and decided to stay there. they had to follow the to do what the court for you to download and chose. to make matters worse, he brought the law once again before you start this dish again. No young man, I need a lot, of course this time. you need a idea of ​​what happens when you continue the way I am choosing condemn the detention center of not less than six years , or number 21 is his birthday. whichever occurs first Trust me w. hen I tell them not to come to me again. " was then I realized I had had no chance in life. Or I take this situation and fix my life, or I'll spend the rest of my life, and the prison. there is no way I'm gong'm done. While waiting to go down there I was on the fourth floor of the province as jail. About half of this plant is for young people. can not put us in the same cell with adult offenders. However, although you may not submit home after being found guilty and wait for an opening at each place of n being sent. the cell they put me was hell for me. is run by a local Mexico bonds linked to the Mexican band in jail. they run the whole show the county. they make it very clear and make sure you understand that. will Bottomless Models never forget the first day of my arrival. it was late and I did not know do. So I put my mattress on the floor and went to sleep. was woke the next morning the band. wasBreakfast time and all must stand, regardless of whether or not we wanted to eat. That is, if that counted. After breakfast, I was in the room with the head of the most attracted. that always meets with Bottomless Models the new guys that are coming I sat in bed to him. I was sitting there asking me questions about why he was there, and s what I intend to do. Things like that. Every time he said he is angry. I did not know what he was talking. It s I was told to hurt him. He told me not to use big words that n understood. I tried but I could not just every word that comes put in my mouth. Finally got tired of telling me to use big words. He was standing in up to me. I thought he was sitting next to me. It was come sit by my side, but he came to do otherwise. asked me another question, he said the only way he knew how. before you finish answering the man he Bottomless Models beat my head against the wall. It s kept his hand inmy head, staining strongly against the wall and spoke of repeatedly on the use of big words, you do not understand ! If I have with them, this will happen all the time. I have finished speaking. Before leaving the room to apologize, he hit my head s against the wall four times. I never thought I had great words in my vocabulary, but I think it was me. Every morning, those outside the band had to get up and clean of his cell block. Each of us had to clean a part of it. I had to clean three metal toilets every day. I could not bear to be the smell of the time asked to put in a lock. when we go shopping he had ever made a part of the leader of the passband is. It was our rent to pay. In fact, they did buy me a list of the things I needed every time I fill the order form. It was to the point where I spent more than half of my money to pay rent. Those who had no self- storage for the additional tasks. This is the only as pincome support. I prefer to pay by giving it as part of memory my food with them. It's bad enough that you could not have served to feed enough a five year old, let alone us. One night I saw another man in the cell. He immediately ran s the leader of what they saw. I was responding to his name room charges for. Of course I refused, but played in does not matter. His mind was already made. About a week or so later, our flag was put in solitary confinement. There was a hole on the wall, which was used for smuggling drugs. He wiped that room and everyone else in the three rooms, and shut us down. In the evening, as we served dinner, we had to leave his cell to get our subject and re- enter the cell. After all back in the cell, closed doors. We ate, slept and used the toilet in his cell all day time. We were not allowed in the lounge. general, or we serve meals on trays, plastic or metallong with plastic cutlery for us to eat. When they come to find in all, they are everything. They are back and better than any fork, spoon, glass and the tray or the devil has happened to us if they do not. That night s, who has served on metal trays. On this day, I was condemned to this place. I was not too happy about it. I did not know that the order had been given to me a lesson. As I sat there eat my dinner. Some of the band members left behind me. I do not even know were there until it was too late. One of them grabbed my head, like the other grabbed my tray. I called the tablets started hitting me in the face with it again and again. Do not stop until he Bottomless Models was bleeding all over the place. Once thought of it that hit me keep my head on the table. Then press the button to remove the protection. When the guard said, was told to come and get me, I began to beat, even in my face again and again. guards made ​​didn't believe their story of events. But because I did not say to say a word about it, they could not do anything for them. after patched, put me in a lock for my own protection. Now we are back here in the population. I am facing a guy who reminds me of what had happened to me. He has tattoos, that the other had. They dress like the medals. This is how I know this man is part of the gang. " Carlos is his new partner, Robert Turner. Robert Turner, this is your mate Carlos. If you have any questions, ask Bottomless Models him or anyone else in the building. This will help not gain a foothold Carlos truth ? " the guard saw Carlos and then left the room. Carlos Extended Bottomless Models my hand. I went to shake, but I was shaking all the time. I I know I saw and did a kick to get there. Bottomless Models " So tell Bottomless Models me, Robert has come from the freedom or the county? " "... Um, the county jail. " " Ah, then you came on the fourth floor then? " " No, sir, uh, I was there at first,But I was moved to the eighth floor. " " Wait for the eighth floor, the floor Lockdown. You have asked to go, are, or were placed there. Which are you ? Did you go to the question exist or has been put there because the problems are caused or required to be protected? " Charles I looked. I know that no matter what he said, he can tell if that is true Bottomless Models or not. My nightmare begins again. Just then another man entered the room, not even Bottomless Models just called. " Carlos, my husband, I see the door is open. Do you have what Bottomless Models we have talked... Wait, do not know you have a roommate, Charles. We can speak of later about this business. Why not introduce me to his roommate ? " " Yes Alex This tuner is Robert, this is Roberto Alejandro Garcia. " I have heard that name. Where have I heard that name before ? O shit, that is the main type. Son of a bitch, which is the main type. Started a freak. I wanted out of this room so bad right now. by scared that I peed all over tHe squeezed my way. I could see that Carlos are not happy with it. "What the hell is Robert, why not go down the toilet when you need instead of using it here? Now what we need to clean mess up," shouted Carlos. could not even move with Carlos I screams. When I was screaming that does not help me, I began to urinate again. This scare so the shit out of me. I just want to leave here, leave me alone from here. (point of view of Alexander) " Charles, stop, people yelling at the child. You make things worse. It afraid of us. Why does what is doing. I I can certainly understand why so afraid of us. " I looked at Robert. The poor girl is shaking like crazy. I had heard what s that happened while he was in the county. The leader of the cell has an earful if not be allowed to carry out the work. No matter what the husband required to obtain permission. " See Robert why do not you go clean. Septemberr things in bed and go clean. I promise you, that 's what happened to the County is not repeated here. You know you can convince me to assume. I know you know who I am. The man running the tank that were never to do away from us, what he did. He was once we realized candy. I Do not worry about his past. You're safe here, so do not be afraid. " Robert broke right in front of us. Fell to the ground shaking, rolling into a ball. Actually slept in his puddle of urine. N ot otherwise protect themselves from what worry. All I could do is, look over Carlos. "Do not touch this child at all. He is under our umbrella of protection n while he is here. It's the least I could do, then what happened to him in the county. Whenever you 're ready to help you Carlos. " " is the child in the tank of 405 ? You know, the child was caught looking another cellmate in which ? " " Carlos, please do it for me, man. The poor girl did not Lao Ziserve, that there that happened. No matter what we do from here on, it is difficult to be of such to trust that any of us. Only respect and I ask Carlos. " " I will do what you ask Alex, but what about the other. If they find out that are here, they want a piece of it. " " Everything is fine, as long as he is in this building. It's just you and I here. The rest are in the building "B". Bottomless Models I will do the job, there this type is to be left alone. He is now under our protection so sad is the same as if you violate any of our own. You know what happens if that happens ? " As Matt and I said nothing. I almost hung in the room of Charles. I 'm that Charles has noticed, but do not ask what 's going on. He knows better, \\ \\ n I wonder what I do. Matt has to learn, to know that When I get the tip to Charles for dinner, Robert finally got his his bed. Someone cleaned up the mess in the floor. I do not doubt that that was Carlos. One thing aboutCarlos is that it is a very clean boy. He can not stand any kind of disaster at all. I looked at Carlos, when I came That was after Robert in his the bed curled into a ball. Since usually lead to another if so, do not know how to trust me after the fact. " Robert, it's time for dinner. Carlos and I would be happy if you join a us. You can eat the needs of our group of friends as we are. " There is no movement the Robert at all. " Come on man you can trust us on this. If you do not leave The space, go to the guards to think that something is happening. None of us wants to at all. " Robert drew Bottomless Models attention. He crawled out of bed and waited for the door. He stood there with his head down. Man, you really screw it up of this child. No one deserves to be treated like shit. Now I see the final result the shit we do. " Hey Robert, I'm the white man, not a thing I say to trust us overnight but you can not walk like this. You are just painting a white n in the back soDo not trust us until you are ready. Until then, look for up, be proud and not worry about someone. We are back. " With that Charles and I left the room. Robert followed immediately after us n, and we've made our way to lunch. After our meal, we use Robert, all in the table. once we started talking n, Robert went out of his shell a bit. think this n Matt as he likes. Matt Matt he will speak when asked a question. I think Robert is very good that is at least Open to one of us. ( point of view Steve ) No I have really wanted to table only the new kid on the conversation to be with Matt. I think it s strange that Matt did not really pay attention n Alex today. throughout the day as long as they are not around each of the other two suspended. This tells me that s something challenging with Matt and Alex. at the time that Alex was not here, you might separate the two. s back now that Alex is , not talking. it makes me believe that Alex might be idea is wrongFight Matt. I think he thinks Matt might be involved in this stab the whole thing. I have to get with Alex and talk to him and let him know that Matt had nothing s to do with the stabbing. In fact, Matt knows nothing the gang members, unless Alex is to him. After dinner, I see Alex sitting in the living room Bottomless Models watching television. First of all I need to get through his guard dog, Carlos. That will not be easy job. Before the stabbing, was difficult. Now it's even more difficult. Just as I expected, I have the minutes about Alex, Carlos stopped me. that demanded to know what he had to talk to Alex. If I say, they have the truth , who did not speak with me, Alex. I have to think on my feet quick. I have to come up with something. right when I open my mouth to speak, go to a guard. He says something to Alex led him to his feet. I really think it's the pain of the right now. He is hidden, but I can tell by the look on his face when he rose the couch. " CarlSteve we are going to go with me to medical services. I have to have my back vi. There would be a waste of time to talk, while walking to be the medical service, " said Alex, but his words still carried the weight a. To Charles left for me to go to Alex. I did not say anything at first. I not really know what I mean. I really do not know where to start is. This man can kill me if I did the disrespect made ​​him think of any way. " Alex please understand, I do not mean you disrespect in any way. I want to talk with you about Matt. I have seen the day that you have and not get hung up on him at all. You know he did nothing hop ? " " I know that Matt had nothing to do with the stabbing. What's going on me and Matt has nothing to do with the stabbing. He and I had a disagreement , disagreement, which can be easily remedied. Do not worry it. Matt is cool in my books. " I do not understand this kind at all. On the one hand, it doesmeans cold bastard blood. On the other hand, seems to be a type reverse happy-go - lucky man. I wonder if he suffers from split personality. Alex left, on entering the medical wing. I do not know what's going on now. It is better to stay out of it. I value my life too step on something that not everyone my business. Matt and I came here the same day. None of us got out of jail. that both came here free. What we did not deserve to get here we with the rest of the criminals are locked. I mean, hardened criminals , ie. From day is something I knew Matt. Do not get me wrong, type is great. I like hanging out with him and I'm glad he's a friend of my s. It's good, what I'm trying to fix that for me, it seems differently. I'll explain what I mean. Every time we sit there in front of television and see a hot girl, all shout and whistle, but not Mat. Sometimes I see very looking for a man in a show. Might be only me, but I do not think so. Matt's very cool. So I do not care if the man is different. I only want to one is telling us. So we can see, you can for him at this time Alex has that as a roommate. If he sees Alex in the wrong direction, but we say that is a dead man I, on the contrary, I am more of a sense of do not care. I have one live life and personality type. Not bad, I said, is, why should I care? I have my parents to thank for that. They deck, because I do not know much about the big picture. I assumed that one of them. The strange thing is that do not grow in in the seventies. You were born a little too soon. Nor no part of the baby boomers. You are in kind of a lost generation. Look is happening here. I have to go back to work. I have to do sure that all is well with Matt. Although Alex was injured, I know if it s does not feel threatenedwas not allowed to defend themselves. (point of view of Bobby) Now, it seems I'm in the clear now. Nobody knows what I have done Alex. Nobody asked me why I'm here in the first place. All they know , I'm back with a pending charge. to opt for the first days back to hang Bottomless Models out and stay ahead of the band s radar and everyone else, for that matter. It gives me the opportunity to reach of everything and make sure that there is no threat to me in any way. On Saturday I decide there is no threat to me. At least for now there is no. I have to be on guard, but I know my colleagues here have your back if something goes wrong. This does not happen any time soon because of what happens to another. Everything to make each of us needs to be approved by the great man to be the state. Yes, the great man is the father of Alex, and no doubt will be the green light on me, but now he is involved in small growth. And when Alex made ​​it through andKite to the Head of here, I safe. The head will move until I get clearance from the big people. At the time that I return to the juvenile detention center takes place. I will be laughing all Bottomless Models the way to closing. If you call sun porch was in line to go. As our county jail is built in the city center, there is a playground for us to get any Sun all is the way to the plant sixteen of our yard. It opened in the roof of the building complete with weights, a basketball court, tennis court and a is underway. The only bad thing is we have to share with everyone when we go. that means that all the bands together on the terrace. So far there is no Bottomless Models all criminal gangs, at least to my knowledge. Once I was on the porch, so I decided to make a small stroke. I have had the opportunity to use a very long time for the actual weights. In juvenile detention the weights that took the fear that we are always bigger than the guards. Bottomless Models that bench, waiting in line. Finally, it wasI turn and I have no plans of to leave anytime soon. I have to start the weight simple. Once I used to get up again increase the amount of weight. I have no assistant, so I have to be careful how much you have to sit in the bar. At start up, I noticed several white dudes walking towards me. I not pay no mind until my hand down. "What the hell are you white? Wait for the contact of the bank fuck you fagots ". did not realize the third, he went to. N At the time, I know he is , where is the weight of money in hand. Begin to put it down to in the chest. No matter how much we fight, I can not get out from under the bar n. ", you fucking Bottomless Models beaner said ? He called my friends here bushes. Order me No, you look at the bonfire. I see you're being hard on our booth n again. What is ? If you like the white boys to fuck you ? " I look around hoping that some of my colleagues to see what is happening. I can not t see beyondthat three white men. In fact, it would ensure that no one can see what they do. Damn, I am now. Fucking ' n "She and ICome! Much was made of the trash talk before it was above. What, you're not man enough to back up what he said? Why not get on your knees and suck our dicks ? " " Fuck you, you know damn queers. If you are a man you want to suck to each other. I'm not a sissy like you. " Before I could say a word, the two white men were on each side I started to punch me in the side. One is on Bottomless Models my mind actually brought his dick. I began to think this guy is really going on me sucking cock. no way I wanted to put it in my the mouth. only to kill me, bring it behind you. "No, no reason why I can go, put your mouth around my Hahn Bottomless Models s. They do so greasy it will take days to clean it, " White friend, says. The guy put the cock back in his pants. IBreathing type of relief when it did. Just then the guy standing to my right, throws hand, what looks like a real knife. How did the world man with a knife so far? N "We are doing a favor for one of your friends. Kill you tried to. 's Why we're here, right? Sought to kill the leader of of his band. now have a partnership now with your gang. One of the things we have agreed the implementation of the favors here and there for each other. " I could not believe this shit. Alex is actually alive, and that s has a dragon for the fact. Ordered my assassination. Bottomless Models I try to fight even more away from these bastards whites. In my case, keeping the weights , I can not be blank. " If you 're going to kill me then just do it. I'm tired of this damn games that you play. Remember that this alliance is not among the last of our two bands. I hope if it falls, unless the first two to go. " " Oh no, that Alex wanted to order, KilI know you! He made it clear he wants n Bottomless Models to suffer for the rest of his life. Whenever you want a fuck wife and you can not, you will notice is that what you did to Alex. " At this point, the other boys under my trousers and boxer orange strip. I I do not know what the hell is this guy talking to a woman ` bitch, and I can not bullshit. If she stabbed to go, but we are behind us n. begin kicking these guys as I pull down my pants and I am trying hard, Keep these guys in it, a clear shot at me! is not working. One of the boys holding me and the other guy actually took my cock! " take your hands off my dick fucking fucking idiot! To go suck a dick sucking each other in! "I cried. But this depends on what they started. In fact, they are fact, the balls at the same time. That's when I saw the knife coming toward me. Know that it is. to be stab in the gut ot the stomach. When I felt thePain in the groin area, I started screaming. Those evil bastards stabbed my cock! We are not here to kill me. You are here MAME I n. The pain was worse than the man with the knife in " The next time you think about your own death, Bottomless Models I will think twice it. That is, if you live, you fucking beaner ! Closing fuck up! " the guy stopped to release the bar and filled the mouth of something. I do not know what it was at first. All I did, Bottomless Models because it is all are covered on the floor with your hands off my cock. that Bottomless Models have separated it into his mouth. I looked down to see all stream of blood on the floor. I looked around trying to get out, do if someone comes to help me. I saw several guards running to me. How I can start to disappear, I hear the sound of the alarms go off. I hear a guards shouted the other inmates to beat the earth. I go in which the man got spit in my mouth. Sitting next to the knife , just can not wait bE! In no way is how it looks. Then I saw clear, even. It (point of view of Alexander) I could barely keep my eyes open through the games. Regardless of medicine that give me my breaks. At least the pain is gone, but I not in this position. Every time I look around, sat on me as a watchdog n is Carlos. Since I could not stay awake to watch the games decide to go back to my space. On my way Charles goes with me. I asked him to wake up to eat. that agreed and when we got to my room. At lunch, I can chat with the boys. Robert seems to be open to the around the world. In fact, he talks more than anyone at the moment. I think it , which is pretty funny when yesterday refused to leave his room. After dinner we played several games of pool. I force myself to stay awake. I 'mn surprised that I trip over my own feet. That is, how drugs work for me. I'm in the clouds and such. In the fourth game I had to do to this conclusion. Again, I can notKeep your eyes open. Carlos is still in my room. And yet I ask Carlos to come for me when dinner is served. The moment my head hits the pillow I'm leaving. I guess that's why we do not hear Matt in the room. I do not know how long he was in watching me while I sleep, but if he is there since I left the room s, stayed there for at least several hours. I woke up to see Matt looks at me. Actually the tears down her cheeks. I could not bear to Matt in this way. I got up and patted the mattress next to me. I want to sit in bed with me, Matt. got the message and sat down. I looked at him and wiped the tears in the face. Matt looked at me and sat. With my hand gently moved his face to look at my mine. Fight " Matt, that 's what couples do sometimes. Fight, if n. We received more than what we are fighting about who will make us stronger. I sorry for yesterday's assaultwithout giving us the opportunity to speak out. " " I have never spoken in front of Alex. I know you have that s hand, but never show that to me. The fear to fuck me, if that are like that. What is Alex? The one I like and want to be, and the love for the rest of my life or are you gangster ? " " You have no right to ask me mate. Do you know who I am and what both my realities. Have known that from day one. Will be times while they are locked, I'll be the gangster, as , you put it. " " Please tell me you love me now Alex ! I can deal with many, but do not feel like I'm feeling right now. I can think you know that I have lost a battle ", said Matt knows that he have a question that could change all his life. " Matt is not in question, in my the way they did yesterday. I am not asks him to kiss his ass, but I can not question that. Even in the private, can not. If I do leave it,You can move up to. Then you have to respond and make yourself a little. " " You're not answering my question by Alex. Please, do you love me yet? I can not go another day without knowing, I love you Bottomless Models still. I do not promise a question that you like again. I'll take it back to the path were. " " Matt told the truth,... " Continued... Description :.. { Yes, another melodrama I will say is to get ahead of you and my editor is another exciting chapter and a lot has happened in a short chapter. that to be always aware of each character more and more. we find someone new to in this chapter, and see others in development. in the first place is to pay, n tells Bobby, what 's going on? One thing I have here, I 'd like to get on the wrong side of Alex and Carlos. Both can in form of punishment or retribution that a person never password. Bobby thought it would be stabbed to Bottomless Models death a child, he was wrong later this month Point. Alex played smart and used another band to do his dirty work. No his own people, their hands are dirty here. And as he did. all I can say it's bad, bad, oh that bad. We all know what he had filled his mouth n. Come on, all questions at this time ? The guy has the worst to be delivered to him. not come to know Steve a little about the man in this chapter. I wonder if he is a big part to play in the next chapters. I also have wonder if we are to know the other kids Matt, Alex and Carlos are sit while eating. I certainly hope so ! We now have a new guy that just arrived. He is roommates with Carlos, but he s comes with history. His hell was brought to him by the same band that Alex Carlos are a part. He is so upset of this band by raising fears that n reality on the ground that the name first heard Alex Let me say that there can be a prison is a way out, no matter what we have to listen. The guards are outnumbered and often results in prisoners Running of the show. I never want to be in the shoes of Robert. Then we have our first fight in the relationship between Alex and Matt. What do you think Alex will have to say about Matt? Do you see that Alex has a ratio of stay alive at the same time? Will you say that it is Matt? I hope not, really. there are many open spaces, nor do I have this story. Alex 's father comes from n to and what will happen there? We still exists Samuel Diego somewhere and was not in this chapter, also spoke. What represents the band in the building " B"? Moreover, over time try another, to take control of Alex? You'll have to vote for the answers many more to follow. I will not say much more to come and spoil the next chapters, , so it will not. But be warned ! Do not skip a chapter, or lost in the. So much to arrive at an answer in the chapters. Read future chapters, and enjoy! Please email me and let me know as I Thisin jacobmillertex aol. com, thanks ! CORNER } EDITOR : I'm sitting here with a shudder of pay received by Bobby the betrayal ! My legs are crossed and his eyes ! Alex and Matt are in a very difficult situation. Is torn between two worlds , which are only capable of living. I wonder how you can run The Gauntlet, and come right at the other end. The band is not going to. Alex has to kill or die, if he fails, either on Bottomless Models behalf of her father ot by the hands of an applicant in its narrow rows. Alex is not a wise guy, but I am sure that the Smart is all that is necessary to be so Alex live a double life. Many of us know about what and double life our sexuality from the rest of the world to hide. The effects of the life of the Alex makes serious life-threatening consequences. Carlos is still a mystery to me. Which side of butter the bread that makes anyway? There is more to him than we have discovered, but I'm not sure what n the Mor "and " will be released really is. I'm sure you'll find in time, but I do not suspect things soon will be. Be sure not to lose, and other stories of Jacob " by Jacob Way " " Shadow of my Father. " Let each to hear from you. Thank you for your e -mail with your thoughts and reactions to stories. This email is the paycheck ' ' Jacob and I get for hours and hours. we had a reader who wrote about some grammatical construction and questions. My answer is, Jacob and I are two guys regular, and none of us has a degree of s in English or composition Yes, go there to his mistake, but I that the quality of the stories that eclipses the shortcomings. Jacob fun weaving a great story. I have a lot of joy massaged her to help work with a second eye , giving readers an entertaining read. Therefore, grammatical errors and construction will be there. Try to look and shortcomings and enjoy. \\ \\ n of course, if it's a disaster in which some call, please note that our care ! Please keep this e -mail! come Until next time, " Daddy " by Rick
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